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Ruffner Mountain claims new name as Preserve

March 22, 2011

“Preserve” is a powerful word, speaking as much about what we are doing for the future as about how we enjoy the pleasures of today. Fortunately, at the newly named Ruffner Mountain Nature Preserve, we can do both – explore 12 miles of trails and 1,011 acres of forest and support the preservation of one of the largest privately managed urban natural areas in the country.

Ruffner Mountain boasts Alabama’s oldest Nature Center on its grounds, with a new LEED-certified education building and exhibits that show off the beauty and preserve the biodiversity of Jefferson County forests, mountain long leaf pine populations, caves, outcrops and Cahaba area wetlands. Ruffner Mountain includes nearly 500 species of trees and plants and more than 103 species of birds, numerous amphibians, mammals and reptiles, some threatened or endangered

With the coming of spring, you can see for yourself what is available at Ruffner Mountain Nature Preserve, where you can enjoy recreational opportunities, including picnics and hikes, as well as learn more about our natural environment. Click here to find out more about the new name and logo as we highlight this latest news.

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