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Next-generation guru Rebecca Ryan join Prize2theFuture judges

March 3, 2011

Rebecca Ryan loves “the Ham” and was a great messenger for our 50th anniversary celebration in 2009. Now she’s back in action as one of the final round judges for Prize2theFuture, joining Birmingham Mayor William Bell and Council Member Johnathan Austin, whose district includes the Prize site; Cheryl Morgan, Director of Auburn University’s Urban Studio in Birmingham, and Tom Leader of Tom Leader Studio in California, chair of the judging committee.

These judges and others from the community and across the nation will have plenty of great ideas to look at, with more than 2,100 already registered to compete and almost 300 who have already entered their great ideas to transform one city block in downtown Birmingham. If you’re over 18, now is the time to submit your own entry before the March 11 deadline.

The winning idea will get $50,000, plus see their idea built on the Prize site, currently a parking lot between First Avenue South and Powell Avenue, east of Railroad Park.

To find out more about Rebecca and her great work, check out her company, Next Generation Consulting, the team Richard Florida calls “one of the most reliable sources for leaders who want to attract and retain the next generation of creative workers.” Keep in touch on Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates as the number of competitors grows every day. Winners will be announced May 5.

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  1. Glenda Norris permalink
    March 15, 2011 3:53 pm

    I hope the judges take into account that this contest should be about the ideas. A contruction or architectural firm should not be competing, since they are probably going to be bidding on doing the project that is chosen. And since many entries may be similar, one would hope that the prize would be shared and then the winners would help with the final designs by the company who will see it through.

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