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Successes of 2010 leave us primed for more

December 28, 2010

Success breeds success. We’ve seen it happen in so many communities, where a few key elements fall into place and suddenly the place is on fire with great ideas and accomplishments. 2010 has been a year like that in Greater Birmingham, as years of planning yielded great fruit.

Thanks to Jefferson County’s Health Action Partnership, we were ready to take on transformational work on behalf of our community’s children in particular, as well as all the rest of us. Local efforts now are being boosted by $14 million in national grants and we can see the results in the on-going efforts of Healthy Kids, Healthy Communities and Champions for Health.

Our parks have blossomed too, with new structures, new programs and new leadership at Ruffner Mountain Nature Center and the newly opened Railroad Park. Recent headlines show that Red Mountain Park is ready to move ahead in a big way, once additional contributions are matched to the plans already in place.

Blueprint Birmingham, the new baseball field and other great efforts by philanthropists, business leaders and city officials prime our community for even greater success as we get set for 2011. Review a few highlights from 2010, then join us on Jan. 13 at Old Car Heaven as we announce the first investment from our Community Catalyst Funds and what we believe will be another boost for our great community.

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