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Our great community offers plenty of choices to entertain visitors

November 16, 2010

We have enjoyed showing off the great things in our community, so we’re using the upcoming holidays as an excuse to ask you to do your part. Nothing too difficult, just sharing the places and activities that we think will make your holidays healthier and happier, both for you and your family and friends.

No matter who’s coming home for the holidays, take time to show off what we have all been enjoying over the past couple of months, starting with the brand new 19-acre Railroad Park downtown. Consider a hike at Vulcan Park or Red Mountain Park, explore activities for your youngest visitors at Ruffner Mountain Nature Center or McWane Science Center or venture on a shopping expedition at the Birmingham Museum of Art gift shop.

Share what you know about your favorite part of our great community and we can promise a great experience for everyone. Get out and have fun and use this as a great excuse to share what you already know, that we live in a special community and we are creative positive change all the time.

See you at the park or museum or wherever. And let us know how it goes.

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