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All Americans, not just billionaires, can boost charity by increasing their gifts

July 15, 2010

Sean Stannard-Stockton commented on his Tactical Philanthropy blog and in the Chronicle of Philanthropy on the boost that comes from a “big” announcement by the likes of Warren Buffett and Bill and Melinda Gates. This philanthropic trio recently challenged billionaires across the U.S. to give away 50 percent of their wealth, a campaign that drew plenty of headlines.

But, as Stannard-Stockton says, the giving of every individual truly has the power to change our world through philanthropy. You don’t have to give away 50 percent of what you have, even after death, in order to make a difference for the causes you care about.

He hopes, and we do too, that the “giving pledge” will inspire not just billionaires but every person to increase what is currently average giving of about 2 percent of income. If that amount only doubled to 4 percent of income, imagine the result for nonprofits across the nation.

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