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Bernholz monograph tackles technology challenges for philanthropy

June 9, 2010

We first heard about Lucy Bernholz, CEO of Blueprint Research + Design, when she was part of a study of community foundation and community philanthropy models called “On the Brink of New Promise.” Now she is once again part of a new report that looks into the future of philanthropy, this time in response to the transformation possible through networking of digital technologies.

How can “donors and doers” find each other, support each other and work together more effectively, thanks to these new ways of working? And what happens if you or an institution you care about doesn’t have the capacity or access to keep up as information continues to stream out through an ever-expanding number and variety of networks?

Even if it’s not yet clear precisely how new technology will affect how donors give and their nonprofit partners accomplish great things, it is surely true that no organization can afford to ignore the changes happening all around us. And we can’t ignore the needs of organizations to have equal access to these new technologies.

What will effective philanthropy look like in another 50 years? It’s exciting to think that we all have the chance to be part of these new ways of connecting and working to make life better.

Click here for access to the monograph, authored by Bernholz with Edward Skloot and Barry Varela of the Center for Strategic Philanthropy and Civil Society at the Sanford School of Public Policy at Duke University.

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