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How can we help more children benefit from our state’s great pre-K programs?

June 8, 2010

A recent poll by the Alabama School Readiness Alliance shows that a strong majority of Alabama voters still thinks our state should make high-quality, voluntary pre-kindergarten available to every child. Four years after an ASRA poll showed similar results, people across our state affirm their belief in pre-K as a way to give children that all-important boost to success in school.

Our state already offers a great program called “First Class,” which continues to receive top national ranking for meeting every benchmark recommended by the National Institute of Early Education Research. But only 6 percent of our state’s children have access to this pre-K program, more than the 2 percent served when ASRA began its work in 2006, but still not enough.

As we put together the building blocks for a brighter future, it’s clear that pre-K is one of the important factors that can influence economic development as well as each child’s individual future. While the Alabama School Readiness Alliance continues to push for increased state support and expansion of these great pre-K programs, your Community Foundation will continue to support ASRA as one of its founding members. Find out more about this great opportunity to shape our next 50 years.

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