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Major food manufacturers join effort to help people get healthy

May 21, 2010

When major food manufacturers joined together with pledges to additional options, smaller portions and fewer calories in current products, it is a big step foward for national anti-obesity efforts led by First Lady Michelle Obama. Just like we’re doing here in Birmingham, the First Lady’s “Let’s Move” campaign encourages efforts to reduce calories as well as increase activities, so this is something to celebrate.

The coalition, the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation, includes Campbell Soup, Coca-Cola, General Mills, Kellogg, Kraft Foods and PepsiCo among its 16 members and together they produce approximately one quarter of the food we eat in the U.S.

What will 1 trillion calories by the end of 2012 mean for you? Think of it as a boost to whatever personal efforts you are making for yourself, your family or your neighborhood. And watch for efforts of organizations that are part of Jefferson County’s Health Action Partnership, now benefiting from national grants from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation through Healthy Kids Healthy Communities and from the federal government through Communities Putting Prevention to Work.

We are doing great work here in Birmingham, and this national commitment by major food producers is one more sign that we are not alone in taking on the epidemic of obesity that threatens all of us, particularly our young people.

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