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Volunteers and donors want to know their impact

May 17, 2010

Robert Egger of DC Central Kitchen recently published a Volunteer Bill of Rights that could easily also be a Bill of Rights for all supporters of nonprofits, including your Community Foundation. You want to know and need to know what impact you are making in the community, whether through your volunteer time or your important gifts to transform our community.

While we don’t use volunteers in the same way Egger does, as front-line help in delivering important services directly to clients, we see his point about impact as the central element of all these rights. People will put up with hard work and less than ideal conditions if they know what they are doing really matters.

We also agree that volunteers and donors deserve answers to their questions about how we do our work and a receptive ear when they provide feedback about their experience as a volunteer or donor to the Community Foundation.

Egger believes that a public commitment to these standards will help his organization do better work overall, and we agree. As the community’s foundation, we are likewise committed to making sure that everything we do is focused on high-impact results, both in building a brighter future and in serving as stewards of the endowment entrusted to us by our donors. As always, we support what the community wants for itself and we depend on the community to help us make those positive results happen, now and forever.

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