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How can you help answer census questions?

March 9, 2010

So you get your census form in the mail, you fill it out, you think you are done. Wait just a minute there! Have you done your part to help Alabama claim its fair share of federal dollars?

Your Community Foundation is joining a partnership of nonprofits working to help us all help each other to get that fair share. You can be help too by being proactive by encouraging people to fill out the form.

Some may not understand that they do not have to share immigration status or identifying numbers. By law, the census cannot share any personal information with any other individual, private or government entity.

The form itself should be easy to fill out, since it includes only 10 questions. Every household gets one, and census takers will be working hard to get numbers on populations that are hard to count, such as homeless individuals.

Still not sure? Go to the census website to find more information and phone numbers for assistance. Take the time. Fill out the form, and feel good about another Way to Love Your Community, by making sure we get much-needed federal dollars to make life better for everyone.

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