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Latest constitutional proposal tabled in House Feb. 26

February 27, 2010

In a recent newsletter from Alabama Citizens for Constitutional Reform, a commentary by Dr. Jim Vickrey pointed out the proud history of the first Alabama constitution, the one our original constitution — the one written in Huntsville back in 1819 and, as Vickrey pointed out, “praised nationally at the time for its democratic ideals.”

This original constitution, which governed our state in its earliest years, was approved by the constitutional convention and by Congress in a process that has never been faulted.

The most recent vote in the Alabama House was to table consideration of legislation which would allow the people to vote on whether or not they wish to have a new constitutional convention. The Community Foundation Board of Directors passed a resolution in 2005 favoring a vote of the people on a convention, for many reasons related to the effectiveness of philanthropy in a state governed by the present 1901 Constitution.

The Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham is a member of the Constitution Convention Coalition and has made grants to support the process of educating citizens about this important issue. To find out more about the issue of Constitutional reform, see the website for ACCR or sign up for their e-newsletter.

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