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Free film takes you back to creation of Alabama’s constitution

February 25, 2010

Time travel is never easy, but a new film provides a sense of just what happened back in 1901, when Alabama approved its current constitution. Alabama Citizens for Constitutional Reform took the official transcript of the 1901 Alabama Constitutional Convention and created a re-enactment, using actors in period costume, speaking the words of the 1901 delegates. You can watch it all at a showing of the film on Friday, February 26, at 6:30 p.m., Historic Carver Theatre, on the corner of Fourth Avenue and 17th Street north in downtown Birmingham.

The title of the film is “Open Secret” after some of the words used during that Convention. What an opportunity to hear those and other words that helped to shape the Constitution that today holds back our state from reaching its full potential! Following the film, a panel will debate whether or not the Constitution should be changed and the best way to do that.

The Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham has gone on record in favor of allowing citizens to vote about whether or not a new Constitutional convention should be held. The film is another great way to learn more about this important issue.

Check the ACCR website for a full list of screenings, if you cannot attend this one.

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