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Red Mountain welcomes more hikers

February 22, 2010

Red Mountain Park showed its best side for almost 200 hikers on Sunday afternoon, taking advantage of one of those wonderful February days in Alabama. With temperatures in the 60s and the sun shining, it was a great opportunity to get outside after what seems like a longer, colder and snowier winter than usual.

The record crowd back in October was 225 hikers (plus dogs!), so the estimate of 190 was probably the second biggest since the monthly hikes began. They continue through April, free to anyone who wants to explore the future site of Red Mountain Park, just off Lakeshore Parkway, west of Wildwood.

Hikers on Feb. 21 could choose from three routes, including a short walk to the old Mine 13 site, a medium hike which includes Mines 13 and 14, and a longer trek all the way to the Redding Hoist House. The usual dedicated RMP volunteers and staff were on hand to lead the way and offer expert commentary on what once was a vibrant mining community and industrial site and what will one day be an amazing park, larger than New York’s Central Park.

Mark the third Sunday of March at 2 p.m. for your next chance to preview the park or check the website to find out more.

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