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Food banks feed more Americans than ever

February 17, 2010

Food banks, like the one started in the early 1980s by your Community Foundation in cooperation with United Way of Central Alabama, are more important than ever to fighting hunger in our community. That leaves us with a sense of accomplishment as well as sadness, glad that we could be part of establishing something that United Way still operates and that is so important to our community, but sad that this organization is still so badly needed.

According to the 2010 Hunger Report released by Feeding America and shared by the Alabama Poverty Project, one out of every eight Americans received emergency food help in 2009, up 46 percent from 2006. Another concern comes from reports that the people seeking help now often include families where one person has a job, but they still cannot make ends meet.

The Alabama Poverty Project is highlighting this concern, along with positive efforts like West End Urban Garden and the Alabama Coalition Against Hunger, at Give Us This Day our Daily Bread Hunger Workshop to Montgomery on Thursday, March 18, at Capitol Heights Baptist Church. According to APP executive director Kristina Scott, the goal is “to equip lay and ordained faith leaders to more intentionally respond to the food needs of their community. We will talk about food banks, community gardens, food stamps and access to low-cost pantry staples.

Contact Kristina to find out more or to sign up for the Alabama Possible e-newsletter. And maybe food banks won’t have so many people to feed in 2010.

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