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Association, Summit boost $12 billion nonprofit sector

February 16, 2010

$12 billion in annual revenue and more than 124,000 jobs generated across the state of Alabama. Those impressive numbers represent an exciting challenge to John Stone, new president and CEO of the Alabama Association of Nonprofits, successor to the Nonprofit Resource Center of Alabama.

“The challenges of today’s economy make it even more important for nonprofit organizations to be represented by a strong, statewide membership association, driven by the members themselves,” said Stone, who has been traveling the state to talk about the new model for the Association, which includes partnerships with local community foundations and institutions of higher education.

Services are expanding, including cutting-edge professional development opportunities provided by linking to centers of learning such as Samford University and the University of Alabama. Institutions of higher education across the state offer great potential to provide this high-level of education for nonprofit board and staff members in their local area.

Community foundations also are great potential partners, because their grantmaking becomes so much more effective when the nonprofit sector is stronger. The Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham, a founder of the Nonprofit Resource Center, has already committed a multi-year grant as part of its support of the new Association. We see this support as vital to our nonprofit partners and our whole state, so we’re featuring it this week as Way #15 to Love Our Community. Sign up today for the Nonprofit Summit, sponsored by the Association and set for March 2-3.

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