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Can arts and culture solve community issues? Get a grant

February 4, 2010

What’s the top issue in your community? People won’t take a chance on using even the limited bus service that is available? Children sit in front of a TV screen at home or after-school care facility when they should be up and active? Neighborhoods feel isolated, with no connections from family to family or street to street?

Do you have a solution that involves arts and culture? The Cultural Alliance of Greater Birmingham has thousands of new dollars in grants to hand out this year and in 2011 to help you solve them, thanks to $200,000 in support from the Kresge Foundation. The national effort, announced today in Birmingham and four other cities, is a new way to engage the community in deadling with its own most pressing issues.

No grant will be for more than $10,000, and the Cultural Alliance expects to give out 8 to 12 awards to support the best ideas of individuals and organizations working in the City of Birmingham. Click here for complete guidelines or to find out more about this great opportunity. Or mark your calendar for one of three training sessions on Feb. 22, March 10 and March 16 as the best way to find out what the Kresge program is looking for and how you can participate. The deadline for applications is April 6, with grants awarded May 24.

This is such a great way to engage our community in positive thinking and capture new ideas from people who really know the grassroots needs. What a creative way to put the talents of our artists and our cultural assets to work. Thank you, Kresge. Thank you, Cultural Alliance. We can’t wait to see the results!

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