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Have you told us what you imagine?

January 22, 2010

What do you imagine? Yes, we still wonder what people love about our community and what you imagine would be just the thing that we could do together to make this place even more special? In particular, we’ve been asking what it takes to build a “cool vibrant city center,” one of the themes that keeps coming up.

We have been handing out cards and asking for contributions on line for more than a year, and it’s time to catch up with our mailbox (as the Doonesbury characters say).

Neil loves the people and history of Birmingham, and suggests punk rock music as a way to build the cool factor. Donna loves the outdoor spaces, architecture, friendliness, history and sharing everyone’s stories. To boost the city center, she suggests parks, walks, music and reasons for people to get together.

Other contributors suggest more festivals, parks, grocery and restaurants, a pedestrian-friendly city (wider sidewalks and narrower streets) and better banking.

We’re glad to report progress on some of those ideas already, such as the soon-to-be-finished Railroad Park and the Health Action Partnership‘s work to create “complete streets” that take encourage walking as a part of a healthy lifestyle. Sign up as a Fan on Facebook or subscribe to our e-newsletter and you can find out more, as soon as we know it! Our second 50 years has already begun, and we love to hear ideas for how we can make life better for everyone.

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