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More teachers in city schools win certification

January 14, 2010

It’s exciting to learn that 233 Alabama teachers won certification by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards in 2009. This is larger than the 2008 total of 214 accredited teachers and a real reason to celebrate.

We seem to be minting certified teachers in encouraging numbers across our metro area, including Birmingham City Schools, which had 17 new certifications and 113 overall in 2009, coming in ahead of Vestavia. The state’s overall total of certified teachers is now 1,781, making Alabama 11th among states for the number of newly certified teachers this year and 13th in the total number of nationally certified teachers.

In order to qualify for National Board certification, teachers must show knowledge, skills and practices and go through a process that usually takes several years. So winning this advanced credential is a real credit to Birmingham teachers and their system.

We know what our parents and students want in their schools because they told us in Yes We Can! Birmingham. Now it’s great to celebrate that some of those dreams are coming true, as teachers show their competence at a national level. Congratulations to the teachers and the communities they serve.

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