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Cronkite family uses community foundation for memorials

December 18, 2009

When the “most trusted man in America” does something, everybody pays attention. That description of trust has long been associated with former CBS Evening News anchor Walter Cronkite, who died this past summer. For so many years, Americans listened to his descriptions of events both tragic and joyful, and looked to him for the last word on the events of the day.

So when his family chose their local community foundation as the recipient of memorial donations, the decision highlighted a meaningful option for many lesser-known men and women as well. Our own Bill Ireland Sr., for example, chose the Community Foundation as his partner in continuing to serve the issues of education and the environment that he cared about so much.

At the Austin Community Foundation in Texas, gifts to the Walter and Betsy Cronkite Fund for Fair Play support various charities Cronkite and his wife contributed to during their lives. To find out how you can use your Community Foundation as a recipient for gifts for the holidays, your birthday, anniversary or in memory of a loved one, contact Erin Stephenson at 327-3805. Or just go to our on-line donation page and make a gift of any amount.

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