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Agencies still need help to keep people in their homes

December 15, 2009

Economic hard times are forcing many people to ask for help who have never done so before. At this time of year, that makes things tough on staff members at Blount County’s Hope House, Greater Birmingham Ministries and Shelby Emergency Assistance, who have been feeling the pressure of serving the needs of these additional families and individuals throughout 2009.

The Community Foundation has provided help through the Housing Stability Fund, with a $200,000 grant last February that was divided among these three agencies. It’s a drop in the bucket in terms of meeting all the needs that are out there, but at least 220 households and 300 children got the chance to hang on to their homes at a crucial point.

Our community is due to receive money from the federal stimulus package, and some of that will be directed toward preventing homelessness. So in 2010, you will see the Community Foundation working hard to use our grants to complement the much larger pot of government dollars available for this critical need. We will continue to work with our nonprofit partners to see where gaps remain, and to do what we can to bridge them.

Read more about supporting the needs of people who face loss of housing as one of 50 Ways to Love Our Community. You can support any of these agencies and know that your money will be well spent to help a family that needs food, clothing and, most importantly, a home.

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