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Record crowd hikes new trails at Red Mountain Park

December 1, 2009

What brought more than 200 people out to hike across the ridge of Red Mountain? It was not just the bright blue skies and warm temperatures, unseasonable for November anywhere but Alabama.

Maybe it was the excitement of the unknown, a chance to check out newly cut trails, newly uncovered mine sites and amazing scenic views, all part of what can be found on the as-yet-unopened slopes of Red Mountain Park.

As the staff members and volunteers know, Red Mountain Park is full of promise. One day the more than 1,200 acres along the ridge north of Lakeshore Drive will be home to a recreational lake, historical exhibits, camping and picnic sites and miles of multi-purpose trails for bikers, hikers, strollers and wheelchairs.

For now, monthly hikes and specialty trips offer only a glimpse of the future that is still a couple of years away. Anyone who joins a hike or workday now will be able to look back and say, “I was a part of creating Red Mountain Park.”

So, pick your day and check out the directions on the Friends of Red Mountain Park website. Take a break from the holidays on December 20 for your next opportunity to hike. Or sign up for the e-newsletter that will provide the latest news about this great new park that represents both our mining history and our future as a leader in green space. Red Mountain Park is already a great reason to love our community, but there is so much more to come!

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