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Fresh Air Family teen imagines next 50 years, Pt. 2

November 5, 2009

Amanda Wilson, 15, is another Fresh Air Family participant who has been doing some thinking about the future. Consider her idea idea about what her community might look like in 50 years — “a world where more people are into activities.”

Instead of families sitting in front of electronics all day (says Amanda), they should spend that valuable time together.

I want improvements in technology, but for good uses, not bad. For example, lazy games and TV where you just sit and play or watch are bad. Games that bring the family closer together, while exercising and using energy, are good.

I would like a clean and safe environment! Good health comes from a clean environment. With a safe environment you don’t have to worry all the time about your children and their safety. I would like to see a stronger community with fun, faith-filled activities for the family bonding.

A main improvement I want to see is peace in the world. A world that no longer needs more troops, Marines, Navy, Air Force, and all the other organizations that fight to free our world. I want to see families together because the men don’t have to go to war. I don’t want to see rooms with pictures of the loved ones who died in the war. I want to see happy families, safe and sound in their own homes.

I would also like to see more opportunities for boys and girls to play sports without needing money or not thinking they are not good enough. It would be great to have fun and enjoy their success! That is what I want my community to look like in 50 years!

What do YOU imagine? We’re still looking for ideas as we support our new Community Catalyst Funds.

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