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Fresh Air Family teen imagines next 50 years, Pt. 1

November 4, 2009

The Fresh Air Family organization challenges its participants to experience the natural world and learn new things, including how to imagine a future 50 years from now. For 13-year-old Brennan Fitzgerald, a look into the future starts with a walk outdoors.

Here’s what Brennan imagines:
Trees line a path with several people walking down it. A dog does a trick and a child laughs. That is what I want our world to look like in 50 years. One major thing I want to see is alternate energy sources. Solar powered cars would be a great way of conserving energy. Converting the water power would also save energy.

Another thing that we need is less obesity. Today one of the main causes of obesity is lack of exercise. Our community needs more gardens and paths to be walked on. More biking trails would be nice too. Volunteer work that involves getting outside would help people’s fitness and our community’s poverty.

One more thing I want to see in 50 years is a healthier planet. If trucks that pick up recycling as well as garbage were everywhere, it would encourage more people to recycle. If more people used cloth grocery bags, it would greatly reduce waste. Our world today needs a lot of improvement. But a lot can be done in 50 years.

Stay tuned for more from other thoughtful teens.

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