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What will your legacy build for our future?

October 20, 2009

Start with a gift of $3 million. Use that gift to make grants of more than $27 million to serve our community over the past 35 years. How is that possible? Credit careful management and the power of endowment, as a bequest from Frank and Margaret Spain in 1972 has continue to make gifts while growing to $20 million at year-end 2008, the largest single grantmaking fund of the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham.

What could your legacy gift accomplish? How can a legacy gift help you continue to make make a difference in our community? The size of your gift really does not matter. The potential is there!

You can choose a variety of assets, bequeathing a portion of whatever remains in your estate or expanding your potential with an insurance policy to benefit charity after your death. You can choose how you wish your gift to be used in the future. Do you want to designate on-going support to a particular group of charities or focus on a target area like education, environment or issues affecting women and girls? A legacy gift to the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham gives you maximum flexibility in choosing both the asset and the ultimate use of your bequest.

Click here to find out more about how the Spains and other members of our Community Builders Legacy Society decided to use a legacy gift to make a difference in so many lives, as one of our 50 Ways to Love Our Community. If you have already made a legacy gift to the Community Foundation, contact Erin Stephenson, Director of Gift Planning, so you can join our special Community Builders luncheon on Oct. 27.

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