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Run for their lives! A reason to leave a bad situation

October 7, 2009

Jennifer Kilburn of the Children’s Policy Council has one phrase she wants to emphasis at Women’s Fund Blogging Against Violence today: “Run for their lives.” That’s how she wants to encourage victims of domestic violence, primarily women, to find the courage to get out of a bad situation, by running in order to save their children.

“They may not leave for themselves, but maybe they will leave for their children,” she said. Because as long as they are still in the relationship, their children are being damaged, if not physically, by the damage to their self-esteem and long term mental health. “These children need to learn that getting beat up is not supposed to be a part of everyday life.”

In once a month meetings throughout the year, the Children’s Policy Council brings together representatives of law enforcement, human services agencies such as Gateway, and governmental services such as Family Court and Gateway and results in great ideas like the Coordinated Community Response to domestic violence. They look at all issues that affect children, and that includes domestic violence. As Kilburn said, violence in the home affects the safety of children.

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