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Domestic violence officers give inside view

October 7, 2009

When Officer Kenneth Walton moved into the detective bureau of Birmingham Police Department, he found himself taking on a special responsibility for handling domestic violence cases. Today, four years later, he has enough experience to be able to give some advice to batterers.

His top advice is that they should seek counseling. “You can’t just say that you have talked to a police officer and you are going to stop,” Walton said. “It takes time to learn not to be a batterer.”

Currently, offenders can be ordered by the court to attend a 24 -week counseling program. “I have had men come up to me afterwards and thank me for what they learned.”

Walton also tells people in domestic violence cases to consider the fact that their children are watching and that this conflict has an effect on them. Instead of escalating conflict, they should just walk away, he says.

For Walton and fellow officer Christopher Lampley, who came up to NBC13 for an interview as part of the Women’s Fund Blogging Against Violence, working the domestic violence has changed how they look at their own relationships. Lampley says he gives advice to his friends and Walton says he tries to practice what he preaches in his own marriage.

To find out more about the issues of domestic violence, check on the Women’s Fund website and join the conversation on NBC13 today.

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