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Official acceptance for Women’s Fund award

October 7, 2009

Receiving the award Oct. 7

Receiving the award Oct. 7

Kate Nielsen, president of the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham, has a special job to do today in San Antonio, Texas. She’s accepting the Critical Impact Award, made by the Council on Foundations, on behalf of our amazing Women’s Fund.

Talk to members of The Women’s Fund of Greater Birmingham and you will soon see that they are not resting on these laurels, officially collected by Kate at the fall national meeting for community foundations. Instead, the Women’s Fund is moving ahead with yet another way to get people involved in the conversation about domestic violence.

The Council’s award recognizes The Women’s Fund for its groundbreaking multi-year domestic violence initiative called Voices Against Violence. The event today, called Women’s Fund Blogging Against Domestic Violence, is raising awareness and money to support the Voices Against Violence initiative so that even more can be done to reduce the incidence of serious intimate partner assaults in Jefferson County.

Leading the effort to fund this initiative is a Giving Circle of 30 women attorneys, who in turn have involved more than 300 area attorneys in raising funds. You can make a gift as well through the Women’s Fund website, and be part of reducing assaults by 25 percent by the year 2015.

“Because of Jefferson County’s high rate of domestic violence (DV) and the long-lasting effect on victims, their children, and our community, the goal of Voices Against Violence has been to work to change the system so that the city holds more perpetrators of DV accountable,” said Virginia Sweet of The Women’s Fund.

Join the conversation today on Twitter with the hashtag #wfundbham or leave your comments here. Or contact Virginia at The Women’s Fund.

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