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Cemeteries find new life in Red Mountain Park

September 30, 2009

A few minutes with Red Mountain Park executive director Dave Dionne brings to life so many aspects of the history of this new park. He shares great stories from oral histories now being collected from miners and family members who were part of the U.S. Steel communities in the Oxmoor Valley.

Other eloquent testimony about the human history of Red Mountain Park rests in local cemeteries, including two cemeteries on 60 acres that recently became part of the 1,200-acre park property. Click here for details of the historic land swap involving the park, the City of Birmingham and U.S. Steel.

Now under the park’s protection, the cemeteries can continue to tell their stories of the people who uncovered the natural resources which built Birmingham. The land swap is a great example of cooperation and leadership and a great opportunity for people today and forever to honor the men, women and children who mined Red Mountain.

Come and learn more about Red Mountain Park on one of hikes sponsored every third Sunday at 2 p.m. by the Friends of Red Mountain Park. The first one is set for October 18. Click here for details.

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