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Older generations take lead as volunteers

September 28, 2009

When you get older, you definitely get better, especially when it comes to volunteering and giving.

Yes, we’ve heard a lot about the high energy and community commitment of the next generation and we’re glad about that. But a recent survey from the Hartford Financial Services Group showed that 53 percent of people aged 50 and older participate in volunteer work, compared to 45 percent for people aged 49 and younger.

In the same 50 and older group, 76 percent support their favorite causes with money, compared to just over 60 percent of those 49 or younger. Top on the list of those favorite causes are Alzheimer’s disease, social service, the environment and support for the military.

According to the survey, we are all, young and old, part of a nation that takes our donations and volunteering seriously. Approximately half of all consumers support causes through volunteer work and almost 70 percent through monetary donation.

That volunteering amounts to two to four days a week for more than 11 percent of all Americans and one day per week for 10 percent of us. For the whole population, the leading causes for donations of money were health and social service organizations.

No matter where you fall in the age spectrum, you can be proud that we live in a community and a nation where giving is so important to so many. Let us know if we can help you give back to the things you care about.

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