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What do scholarships mean to you?

September 22, 2009

If you’re one of the fortunate folks who got help in paying for your college education from a scholarship, you already know how much it means to have someone make a gift to your future in that special way.

But did you ever think about why those caring individuals, families and businesses decided to make the gift that helped you so much? For donors who have created Scholarship Funds at the Community Foundation, benefiting more than 100 young men and women this year, the reasons range from honoring a special high school to preserving the memory of a beloved family member, Scout master or principal.

For companies like ACIPCO, the start of the Scholarship Fund may come as a way to celebrate a special occasion — in this case its 100th anniversary. Today employees use the Scholarship Fund their company started so they can pay forward what they have received, making gifts to support scholarships for the next generation of employee children.

Whatever the reason, supporting a Scholarship Fund is a great way to really know where your money is going and to make a personal connection to the recipient. There are so many great success stories to share as each new set of graduates takes your gift and makes their way out into the new world of college.

Like Tom and Julia Crawford, whose Scholarship Fund benefits graduates at their alma mater, Ramsay High School, this is a way to pay back the help they received. They imagine an ever-growing number of scholarship winners who will be leading productive lives, thanks to their help.

Click here for more about Scholarship Funds as one of 50 Ways to Love Our Community. To find out how you can contribute in any amount to the Community Foundation Scholarship Fund, contact Erin Stephenson at 327-3805. Or click here to learn more about our Scholarship program.

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