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Tips for giving more: Focus on one charity, join with others

September 18, 2009

Still looking for ways to increase your impact with limited charitable dollars? Make what can be a hard decision and concentrate all your giving for the year on one organization. Use the tips we have already talked about (research and call the Community Foundation for a recommendation, based on the charities you love).

The wonderful organizations you have been supporting with $10 or $20 will miss your support, yes, but you may be able to do more for the causes you care about by giving a single large amount to one charity.

Or ask your friends to help you turn a small gift into something big by joining your gift with theirs, as people do when they recruit gifts through Facebook “Causes.”

Another option is a giving circle, like the Birmingham Change Fund at the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham. The members of this group of young African-American professionals pool their talent and treasure every year to make a few key grants and match that investment with volunteer hours.

Or, if you care about making systemic change in issues like economic security or domestic violence, for example, you can participate in giving circles already set up by the Women’s Fund of Greater Birmingham, a component fund of the Community Foundation.

Whatever you choose, a single, focused gift or joining with others in order to make a greater impact, this can be your chance to make a big difference.

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