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Tips for giving more: Think outside the box

September 16, 2009

Think outside the box when you consider ways to give to charity. Of course, you can give your time, but what about a meeting room for a special event? Your office may have just the spot and save your favorite organization the cost of rental or setup.

Does your company offer a particular service, from lawn care to printing? If you’re an accountant, can you pick one nonprofit each year for a free audit? If you’re an advertising executive, can you design a logo or provide advice on a fundraising campaign?

If you have had to cut your own staff, your company may have desks, computers or chairs you no longer need. Your favorite charity may not be adding staff, but your leftovers may help them do their job better or help them find a place for an unpaid intern to sit.

If you run a business, sit down with your favorite charity and brainstorm ideas. You may be surprised at the many ways you can help without writing a single check.

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