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What do other people say? Don’t worry — it’s good!

September 1, 2009

Did you know that New York Times Travel writer Jim Notes spent 36 hours in Birmingham last spring — and loved it? Or that Charles Gaines painted a heartfelt portrait of his home town in the Southern lifestyle publication Garden and Gun? Or that the Smithsonian magazine highlighted the beauties of the Cahaba River as one of America’s special places?

If you missed those stories, we’re here to share the news that these writers and editors across the United States understand what we already know — that we live in a community with lots of great places to go and great things to do. So many of them, in fact, that we are celebrating 50 of them between now and next year.

This week, for our 50 Ways to Love Your Community,” we let other people tell our story, and we hope you’ll check out what they say. The summary of their findings is on our website, with links to the originals. Check it out and pass it on. To adapt what Sally Fields famously said: They like us…they really like us — and they should!

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