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Give real estate to help your favorite charity

August 18, 2009

What do a beach house, warehouse and vacant lot have in common? You can use them all to support your favorite charity.

One donor gave a piece of commercial property in Irondale through a bargain sale, which means that he received the original investment in the property and used the profit as his gift to the community in the form of an Advised Fund at the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham. He plans to repeat the process, investing the original amount in another property for future growth — and a future gift to charity.

Another donor used his family’s home as a gift to charity, although he stayed there through his lifetime. Under this plan, the property was not longer in his estate and could be immediately sold after his death, allowing the proceeds to be available quickly for charity.

Check out other stories of real estate for charity in this week’s Way #41 out of 50 Ways to Love Your Community. Or go to the main page of our Charitable Real Estate Foundation, which uses a volunteer board of directors, all experts in different aspects of real estate, to make the process of giving real estate as easy as possible.

No matter what local charity you love, CREF can help you and other generous individuals, families and businesses use real estate to make a gift. Contact Erin Stephenson to find out more.

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