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Health plan guarantees results, if we work together

August 4, 2009

If you’ve ever picked up a self-help book from the shelf, particularly one of those that promises miracles from a particular diet, you may be glad to know that our community’s plan for health comes from a much more reliable source — the community itself.

In developing the strategic document called “Our Community Roadmap to Health,” the Jefferson County Department of Health first asked citizens to describe the characteristics of a healthy community for all who live, work and play here.

A teacher expressed concern for children who don’t know the basics of nutrition when they arrive in school. A volunteer at a health fair volunteer talked about how important early screenings can be. A young man talked about the need for safe parks and paths where people can get outside and walk.

All those ideas went into a document called the Roadmap, which today serves as the basis for efforts in four main areas – healthy lifestyles, livable communities, access to care and public policy. Check out the Roadmap for yourself and see what you think.

Our community is fortunate to have plan like this to guide our efforts, so the Community Foundation listed the Roadmap as #43 on the list of 50 Ways to Love Your Community. To find our more about work of the Community Foundation in the area of health, go to our website.

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