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Catalyst For Birmingham asks its own questions

July 29, 2009

If you know anything about Catalyst For Birmingham, you should know their slogan, it’s Hip to Be Civic. For this group of enthusiastic and highly involved folks, the next step is to ask visitors to their booth at the YPExpo in June their own questions: In what ways would you like to be a catalyst for change or see change in Birmingham? What is your passion?

Take a look at the answers and you’ll see a lot of common threads with the Imagine statements we are still gathering. With hip, civic people like this determined to move our community forward, we can all look forward to a brighter future.

Katrina: Increasing/fostering dialogue among diverse groups of people
Kelvin: Passion for youth-making sure they are informed and exposed; passion for the elderly-making sure they aren’t taken advantage of
Joel: Coaching little league
Garrett: Supporting events that bring more people downtown
Patricia: Bringing good education to every child and promoting harmony among communities through gardens
Emily: Bringing people together from all backgrounds and parts of greater Birmingham and pushing for high speed rail
Jem: Supporting children in foster care and the families who give them permanency
Caprenia: Designing arts and culture programs to support “Arts for All” a youth initiative
Kristina: Developing emerging leaders and equipping them to participate in policy making
Ed: Being a lover not a fighter!
Angel: Encouraging all of my friends to be a part of Birmingham by supporting all of Birmingham businesses and activities
Cutressa: Uniting and celebrating the beautiful and hidden diversity of the Magic City!
Alexis: …Afflicting the comfortable…and comforting the afflicted…
Andrea: Increasing community revitalization in downtown Birmingham through service, neighborhood events and etc.
Teco: Empowerment of our youth to strengthen our future. GIVE BACK
Josh: Mobilizing efforts towards better educational opportunities in Birmingham
Bob: Engaging community members to volunteer and work with the diverse range of community services and non profits, providing more events that highlight heritage.
Chloe: Growing the Alabama Moving Image Association & Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival
Lauren: Increasing the number of women elected to public office
Andy: Helping push sustainability to its tipping point in our city
Betty: The school system
Natalie: Convincing all B’ham citizens that the arts are important and independent film is for everyone. Go Sidewalk!
Kelsey: Introducing Shakespeare to new audiences through Sloss Performing Arts!
Kara: Eliminating Styrofoam and always bringing my own coffee mug. Shop local! Drive less!
Liz: Digging a river in the city
Carrie: Helping all people to have access to health care
Josh: Year round events, not just summer
Annah Grace: Developing students to open their eyes and hearts to volunteerism

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