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A different kind of Catalyst sparks new leaders to action

July 28, 2009

Sustainability. Culture. New Leadership. With those three pillars of a progressive community, more than 1,000 members of the group called Catalyst continue to challege young citizens to get involved and do more.

Their slogan is “It’s Hip to Be Civic,” and they prove the truth of that every time that gather for a Green Third Thursday or support an event with an organization like Operation New Birmingham. Catalyst volunteers helped to energize the next generation of voters in the last election and captured the voice of Birmingham’s citizens in opinions about their school system and the choice of its new superintendent.

Since the group was founded in 2003, Catalyst has maintained a vital web presence and kept members engaged with regular e-mails and events. If you’re not connected, check it out and learn more.

”We want to motivate our diverse membership to become educated about issues and to find a way to turn their solutions into reality,” said current board chair Patricia Mattison, restating the mission that has driven the organization forward from the beginning. “This is a way to get civic, get hip and definitely have fun doing it.”

And you know we love the word “catalyst,” which plays such an important part of the Community Foundation. We were asking for Imagine statements at the recent YP Expo, while they were asking their own questions about what people want to see and do in Birmingham. Stay tuned for our post on July 29, when we share ideas that Catalyst heard from their visitors.

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