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Different kind of “F.B.I.” tracks invasive plants

July 21, 2009

Pssst! Don’t look now but some bad guys are sneaking up on us. “Mi Mi Osa” and “Lenny McPrivet” are infiltrating the edges of our vital waterways and forests, according to the Freshwater Land Trust, which serves as our local version of the “F.B.I.(=Find Bad Invasives).” So learning how to track them down and get rid of them is another good way to love our community.

Freshwater Land Trust staffers created the Bad Invasive list for the Community Foundation’s 50th anniversary celebration and handed out “Most Wanted” cards with a mug shot and details about these two invasive plants in particular, Chinese Privet and Mimosa.
– Lenny McPrivet: Wanted on multiple counts !st degree assualt on native forestland
– MiMi Osa: Wanted on multiple counts 1st Degree theft of forest edges

So, the next time you see the dark green leaves of privet in your yard or along a stream bed or the pinkish blossoms of mimosa along the road, don’t be fooled. By spreading in places where native plants used to thrive, these transplants from other continents are damaging the biological health of our natural landscape.

Privet even has won a negative kind of fame for Jefferson County, which ranks on a U.S. Forest Service report as the county with largest number of acres infested, an estimated 100,000. Check out this News story for details on the Forest Service report. See the official mugshots and read more about how to get rid of these threatening characters on our website.

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