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Where does change come from?

July 16, 2009

Lucy Bernholz at Philanthropy 2173 asks the question: Where does positive social change come from?

Her answer? “Anywhere and everywhere.”

Recently, Twitter has had a major impact on knowledge and support of recent upheaval in Iran, she argues, and other social media has potential for who knows what positive effect in the future.

Bernholz also uses an example we like — about the role that philanthropy (specifically the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation) played in starting the 911 emergency response system that is today in use across the country. Business leader and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie left a lasting legacy in public libraries.

In our own community, we’ve seen and been part of major innovations like the Shelby Biomedical Research Building at UAB and the McWane Science Center, as the Community Foundation led private contributions in this important partnership with the public sector.

Check out the blog post from Philanthropy 2173 and keep your mind open to what we can do next — together — to change the world.

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