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New advocate, voice, catalyst for economic growth

July 15, 2009

We talk a lot about how the Community Foundation serves as a catalyst and convenor on community issues, because that is an important way we serve the community that established this public endowment 50 years ago. With the June 14 announcement of its new name and mission, the Birmingham Business Alliance promises to be a great partner in transforming this place we love.

Dynamic advocate. Unifying voice. Constant catalyst for economic development. These are the elements of the mission statement highlighted by the new organization, a combination of the Birmingham Regional Chamber of Commerce, Metropolitan Development Board and Region 2020.

Headed by former Region 2020 executive Dalton Smith, the entity is focusing on jobs, about “creating economic opportunity for every business and every person,” as The Birmingham News reported today.

Expectations are high for the Alliance, which will focus on big-picture issues as well as specific initiatives. As the “chamber for regional prosperity,” the organization can take a leadership role in what Gov. Bob Riley urged the crowd to consider on July 14, looking at what we can do together, rather than as parts of individual cities or counties.

With economic development as one important part of what people tell us they imagine as an ingredient for building a brighter future for the next 50 years, we look forward to seeing what happens next.

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