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Are you a Knowledge Worker?

July 13, 2009

In her book, “Live First, Work Second,” Rebecca Ryan leads the way inside the minds of the next generation, exploring the way emerging leaders think about our world. She talks a lot about the Creative Class and about Knowledge Workers, borrowing from phrases first used by best-selling author Richard Florida.

So how do you know if you and your workplace are part of the Knowledge Economy, as Ryan describes it? She provides a quiz in her book, including some of these elements:
– Are you expected to learn, grow and stretch yourself?
– Are you encouraged to use creativity, share knowledge and find a better way to do things?
– Is your organization seen as a leader in innovation, filled with smart people who always look for ways to do things better?

You don’t have to take the quiz to get a sense from this summary about whether you and your workplace are ready to compete in the Knowledge Economy, as Ryan sees it. By offering your comments on our Imagine blog, you’re showing that you are engaging the world in an innovative way, so maybe we can all get some Knowledge Economy points for that!

Look for more insights from “Live First, Work Second,” as we follow up on Ryan’s in-person visit for the Community Foundation annual meeting back in May. We may be celebrating 50 years in 2009, but we are definitely looking to the future and making sure we use and share our knowledge in new ways that will make life better for everyone.

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