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Can these ideas spark other thoughts for shared future?

July 6, 2009

Herbert Patterson cares about hills and trees, but wants the arts available too. Mike Harper wants to make sure we continue to care for one another. Richard Crow values the uniqueness of different neighborhoods. No matter what you care about, sharing ideas is a good start as we plan together for our future.

Kelly Sorrells: Wishes would include adequate transportation system so that citizens may fully experience and use the many amazing resources available in Birmingham (like Lakeshore Foundation!), and a stronger city government with inspired leadership.
Herbert A. Patterson Jr.: The hills and trees are important to me. I like the arts available, too. My dream is a bustling downtown with places to window shop, eat and attend entertainment without driving, i.e. public transportation with entertainment destinations
Lee E. Loder: The desire of many to overcome negative images. Love for one another will become a reality!
Jacqueline Gardner: The community is tight-knit and has a small-town feel. I would love to see a focus on greening Birmingham – from a dirty steel town to an example of recycling and green savvy. Additionally, I think we all would benefit from a rail system for Highway 280 and other more congested areas
Pat Mitchell: The Birmingham City School System to be improved, continuing to provide green space and natural settings
Mike Harper: The best we have to offer is the fusion of our care for each other with the unfolding needs all around us–particularly for those most in need.
Susan Greene: To create a vibrant city that our children will want to come back to to raise their families. A city with good schools, art and culture, and job opportunities. I feel like we’re getting there but still have a ways to go.
Fr. Alex Steinmiller: The new educational committee dialogue with leaders of schools and educators
Mitchie Neel: That we continue to grow and improve.
Yu-Mei Schoenberger: Public transportation
Mark Wesson: Projects like the parks project and other major catalyst projects which are meaningful legacy projects in our community are very exciting to want to be a part of over the next 50 years.
Verna Gates: Our green space.
Thomas Armstrong: Our ability to keep trying to move forward even though progress seems slow.
Ben Wilson: My wildest dream would be for Birmingham to be a more equitable place with greater opportunities for people on each end of the city.
Alice Christenson: My wildest dream is that Birmingham Alabama, will be voted the Best City in the USA in which to live.
Richard Crow: Maintaining the uniqueness of neighborhoods.
Judy Poole: Less crime, better social services.
Karen Kapp: I’m looking forward to a community with a 100% literacy rate.
Bob Boylan: I would love to see more urban living growth. A shift away from suburbs and back into the city. Increase in downtown living would lead to increase in downtown stores, entertainment and greenspace.
Bart Crawford: I would like to see the area, as a whole, come together through joint or central planning, mass transportation and strong regional events.
Charles Priest: I truly value the altruistic nature of the citizens of our community; and hope that never dies.
Ricki Kline: I treasure the sense of community that we have, and hope it continues.
Nancy Ekberg: I love the people and their involvement in their community. I love the many forms of entertainment. This is a very giving community.
Kathleen Claybrook: I love the landscape in Birmingham. The mountains are beautiful. I hope we will keep nature close regardless of how populated we become. I hope they will get ahead of the traffic problems rather than continue to make improvements a day late.
Jacqueline Meyer: I love the generosity and friendlyness of the community. The weather is great!! We need to be out and with each other and we need venues to do it. Birmingham needs to become politically sound with grass roots groups keeping the politicans honest.
Shirley Hamilton: I imagine a community without the political nonsense we have none.
Michael Churchman: I imagine a clean and healthy environment, with strong education for children, support of diversity, and a forward-looking approach to our region.
Marcy Williams: I hope we never lose the “small town feel” with the amenities of a bigger city. We need light rail transportation and a plan to incentivize people to use it.
Nicole Otero: I hope that education is put first in the next 50 years. Too much of greater birmingham is falling behind in education.
Suzette Harris: I hope for a community that mutually trusts its neighbors as well as its elected officials, where we have the highest integrity and ethical standards for each dollar invested into the community. Our priorities should be 1) pre-K to 12th grade education and wellness, 2) mental health (ADHD/depression/mental well-being) 3) the built environment.
Brooke Burgess: I dream that all children will enter kindergarten ready to learn and be successful, which starts with a positive early childhood (zero to five).
Lani Powell: Birmingham is a community of generous and kind people. Our vision at The Literacy Council is of a community that is 100% literate. I have confidence in our community’s ability to reach that goal.
Deb Spradlin: Bham needs a history venue similar to McWane Center. There is one available 1 1/2 hours each way; Huntsville Early Works, Tuscaloosa CHOM, and Montgomery Archives.
Sally Price: Because I work with public education every day, my wildest dream would be to see the 13 public school systems across Jefferson County join hands with each other and with their private school counterparts in programs that are designed to enhance learning for all students and to offer professional development for all teachers and administrators.
Wanda Couts: A safe city with the feeling of a small town, people caring about each other.
Deborah Everson: That we rid ourselves of politicans who cannot “allow” the progress we need. A transportation systen that provides a means for the poor and homeless individuals of our community to search for and find work. We have become selfish with our SUV’s and single passenger vehicles–help the poor help themselves by creating a transportation system that enables all of us to navigate the community more easily, more economically and in a more ecologically responsible manner.

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