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Our community’s natural beauty inspires people to imagine

June 29, 2009

When we listen to people who love our community, they often talk about the natural beauty that surrounds us — the ridges and the valleys, the trees, the rivers and trails so easy to access. What better place than the great outdoors to let your imagination go wild and think about the great things we can all do together to make our future bright.

Beth Young: I love the closeness of rivers to canoe and trails to hike, would like more trails and canoe access. Do not want more sprawl and more roads but rather an investment in mass transit and to see the expressway buried.
Trish Coghlan: I love the beauty of the area with all the trees and the generosity of the people
Babbie Shelton: I love the beauty of our landscape, our four seasons, our biodiversity and our appreciation for all these things as seen in the Three Parks project. I also appreciate our medical center and excellent private hospitals. I appreciate our strong commitment to volunteerism for the improvement of our community.
My wildest dream would be that all children would have access to early childhood education with quality teachers and strong parental involvement. Perhaps we could develop an instructional program for parents of infants, as in a Harlem, NY, enterprise called “baby college.”
Cindy Lowry: I imagine a walkable, bikeable community with vibrant natural parks, healthy air, and healthy rivers that are central to the communities they serve. I imagine a city that retains its Southern charm and its small town feel while attracting a broad, diverse group of citizens who call Birmingham home. I also imagine a community with strong, effective local government and business leaders who truly look out for the needs of the citizens and the common good.
Patricia Mattison: I imagine a walkable community where people from all over the region flood downtown to hang out at local shops, restaurants, and parks. I hope we never lose the topographical beauty and human capital.
Nancy Wagnon: I imagine a crystal clear river running through our city in front of 8th Avenue North, parallel to the Railroad Park green space with 1st Avenue South in between. It will provide a balanced bustling city life with a work/live center.
Joyce Lanning: I hope that we will become a mecca for the new green energy economy – that ever person will have a home, and every home will be energy-efficient and be a net producer of clean energy that is fed back to a smart grid. I hope we don’t lose what is left of our greenspace and can increase it.
Jenny Dorgan: Bike lanes and bike safety awareness,widespread recycling and composting opportunities, clean air as a birthright for our children, access to outdoors for families, economic and environmental justice, progressive leadership, quality education for all, urban revitalization, homes for the homeless, low impact developments protective of waterways, effective public transportation, urban gardens in empty lots and on rooftops downtown, widespread energy and water efficiency and conservation measures, safe streets and neighborhoods, no feral domestic animals on the streets, the list could go on and on…

So why don’t you share what you think?

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