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It’s hot outside, but imagining is cool

June 24, 2009

What are your wishes for our community? We are still gathering responses, and we especially appreciate comments from people who are already committed to doing their part for our community, including representatives of our nonprofit partners.

We recently surveyed people who were part of our 50th anniversary celebration, asking them what they liked about the May 11 event as well as for their thoughts about the strengths of our community and what they imagine for our shared future. Here are some thoughtful answers:

Mike Morgan: There is a great sense of community among the participants in these meetings. Would like to see that sense filter to the surrounding city and county government officials. Might help us get to the next level of governmental cooperation and efficiency.
Leigh Laser Collins: Walkability and bikeability…pedestrian-friendly and bike-friendly communities. Quality education for ALL of Birmingham’s children. Emphasis on physical activity and arts opportunities for ALL.
Buddy Palmer: A prominent role for arts and culture in the economic development, community development and political realms.
Wendy Jackson: A green walkable livable city filled with parks, art and well-educated people.
George Culver: I envision terrific, top 10% schools, safe neighborhoods, a supported and flourishing arts community, a dome centerpiece downtown with I-20 below park level, a sense of one/we’re-in-this-together among all municipalities of region, a facilitating beltway around the city, visionary government leaders, economic opportunities for all our citizens.

From anonymous contributors:
— Healthy environment/clean drinking water. Public transportation/light rail system. Less crime. Ethical/responsive/intelligent/progressive city leaders.
— Openness and willingness to engage. Natural heritage.
— I love that this community is full of people who want to give back, go above and beyond, and make a difference in the lives of others. From recreation, to education, to shelters, to counseling to the arts, etc… this community is willing to give so that various worthwhile causes can be used to help this community be grow and be successful.

What are we going to do with all these great ideas and the ones we’ve been gathering for the past year? Stay tuned by following us on Twitter, becoming a Facebook fan, contacting Jan Bell or check our website.

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