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YPs choose one best thing for community, themselves, Part 3

June 18, 2009

YPs care about good leadership, public transit and the local school system. And they want to do what they can do to make life better for everybody, from teaching adults and children to read to serving as advocates for issues they care about.

Sounds like our future is in good hands, as these generation-nexters take on new responsibilities and the older folks get excited about working in partnership. If you are one of the visionary folks who didn’t get a chance to share your ideas at the YPExpo on June 11, now’s your chance. And if we spelled your name wrong, tell us that too.

For anyone who ever wondered if the next generation cares about the future we are building today, just read Part 3 of answers to these two questions from the Community Foundation:

What one thing can we do as a community, right now, that will have the greatest impact?
What one thing can you do, as an individual, that will have the greatest impact?

Together, let’s figure out how to match community needs with individual purpose and passion. The result is sure to be lots of new ways to make Greater Birmingham greater.

Community: Providing good leadership in my opinion is the best place to start.
Individual: Helping children and adults learn to read. – Amy Cauble

Community: Invest back into the community.
Individual: Give more time to the community. — Teco Stephens

Community: As a community, support the arts — attendance and teaching kids dance, music, expression through paint, drawing, etc.
Individual: Volunteer! — Hallie Gibbs

Community: Improve the quality of life at the Birmingham City Schools.
Individual: Tutor/mentor a child. — Rebecca Beers

Community: Public transit system.
Individual: Raise awareness. — Lindsey Meadows

Community: Build strong public health support within communities.
Individual: Be an advocate for issue I am passionate about, like education, preventive health care, etc. — Jeralyn Powell

Community: Public transport.
Individual: Ride the bus. — Mandle Moyo

Community: Get people together willingly.
Individual: Give my time and talents to local organizations. — Michelle Lawley

Community: I want to focus on vibrant music scene in Birmingham.
Individual: Volunteer and share ideas. — Islara Vazquez

Community/Individual: Going green. — Patrick Talley

Community: Improve education.
Individual: Continued community service. — Emory Mauldin

Community/Individual: Revitalize downtown as a workable/livable space, coordinated mass transit/biking/green space will all help. And economic incentives for businesses to relocate. — Dan Schumacher

Community: Bring in and keep smart young professionals.
Individual: Understand what’s going on in the city. — Abby Callahan

Community: Continue to serve those who are less fortunate.
Individual: Be involved with programs that are making a large impact. — Ashley Newton

Community: Rally the entire community toward health, education and economic development issues they think are valuable to them.
Individual: Cheer you on! As we work together toward that end, involving the young and the old. — Lee Loder

Community: Develop leaders, especially in emerging communities.
Individual: Participate in that leadership development. — Kristina Scott

Community: Make the city desirable for people to move to from other states, i.e. biking, walking, hiking greenways.
Individual: Be an advocate for this. — Dan Jones

Community: Create jobs, have community events, i.e. concerts, plays, to keep young professionals in Birmingham.
Individual: Get involved. — Nicole Leonard

Community: Advertise the local beauty and Birmingham-specific hot spots to show Birmingham’s true colors.
Individual: Tell my friends to get to Birmingham in the near future. — Zach Scarvey

Community: Bridge the gap between racial and ethnic groups.
Individual: Expand my social circle to include a diverse group of people and actively encourage them to interact. — Rahkia Nance

Community: Make the City Center the place to be, revitalize downtown.
Individual: Get involved. — Lizzie Holt

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