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YPs say what we can do right now for greatest impact, Part 2

June 17, 2009

We had so many great comments from visitors at the YP Expo on June 11 that we haven’t had time to share them all. Here are some more ideas from thoughtful and dynamic members of Generation Next! From crime to childhood obesity, the concerns are there, but also many great solutions and ideas for what each one of us can do right now.

Stay tuned in for the next Community Foundation investment, based on ideas from you and so many others.

What one thing can we do as a community, right now, that will have the greatest impact?
Increase educational and cultural opportunities to serve a wider audience; more partnerships between groups to achieve wider input.
Invest in local business; promote literacy in children and adults.
Focus on the schools.
Continue to clean up with community service; bring a professional sports team in.
More fine arts and activities to draw a crowd.
Change in government leadership.
Form a local parent or child exchange with families that are polar opposites so the people can appreciate similarities and differences.
Help alleviate childhood obesity.
Have events that will foster unity among all residents.
Put parks in downtown Birmingham to bring families downtown.
Focus on the children – education… programs…
Ask public servants and churches for more community involvement.
Reduce perception of crime; stronger enforcement – judicial system – judges. Education — so important to attract business.
Improve the infrastructure of Birmingham which would rebuild the community. By tearing down vacant buildings and offering incentives for new development, Birmingham would become a more vibrant and inviting community.
Educate our children about green development.
Rally to address the educational inequities in our community to ensure all children have the opportunity to succeed and fulfill their dreams.
Revitalize downtown – places open (5 Pts.) — eat – safety – people feel safe – hotels, make theater, dinner, show, coffee.
Solve the crime/murder problems.
Like idea of downtown – feel more security – lots of cool places to live, hang out, but insecure about going downtown; provide more family friendly attractions/events downtown.
Continue to grow and work hard on community strength.

What one thing can you do, individually, that will have the greatest impact?
Get more involved in existing programs in my community.
Volunteer with a cause I care about — in this case, literacy.
Get involved in the robust nonprofit community.
Not vote for current political leadership.
Tell everyone what a great place Birmingham is.
Become involved.
Get my kids to become more active.
Design websites for nonprofits.
Get involved – I need to stop just talking about the issues and ACT!
Be a Birmingham supporter of local businesses.
Grew up here and came back, commit now to stay here even if job eliminated.
Be volunteering, being more involved and vocal in the Birmingham community.
Give lessons on landscape architecture.
Volunteer my time to address this issue (educational inequities) by mentoring a child.
Attracting business downtown on larger scale; shopping, restaurants in walking distance.
We need to get every community to say “Take Birmingham Back!”
I don’t know yet. Please do tell…
(I can) Help.

Quick thought, yes, and written under harsh conditions — standing up in the middle of a crowd. Now you, sitting there is front of a computer, what do you think?

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