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What do YPs say is the ONE thing we can do for greatest impact?

June 12, 2009

For more than a year, we’ve been asking people to imagine great things for our next 50 years and capturing the answers here On June 11, we asked a new question of everyone we could talk to at the YP Expo: What one thing can we do, as a community, right now, that will have the greatest impact?
We’re going to post some of those answers today and next week, so stay tuned to see if you agree. Remember, we’re still listening, as we decide what next great thing the Community Foundation should do to build a brighter future for this place we all call home.

And for all of you who didn’t have time to think your answers through on Thursday night, please take time to add your comments here.

What’s that one thing we should do as a community?
Connect more young adults to the community with events like the YP Expo.
Community service activities.
Honestly respect each other and each other’s opinions.
Improve Birmingham City Schools.
From a new guy in town — green space; commercial development (grocery, movies, etc.) to match residential development.
Come together on a community investment — regional cooperation to get the job done.
Be the catalyst to create a network of trails and greenways that connect our communities, all throughout Birmingham.
Support a public transportation system.
We want to live in a clean community.
Improve the school system, clean up the community.
Education and positive leadership.
Fix roads.
We must learn how to appreciate each other in spite of our cultural differences and backgrounds.
What’s the one thing you can do as an individual?
Volunteer and encourage people to get back into the city.
Do unto others as I would have them do unto me, love regardless and stay prayed up.
Continue to volunteer with organizations and promote Birmingham as a great city.
Give $$ to the organizations that can make it happen (create trail and greenway network).
Form groups to help keep the community clean.
Help the community — volunteer.
Aid in teaching younger kids.
Drive safely.
I will continue to respect others of all cultures and backgrounds.

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