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Postcards carry our pride and our dreams

June 3, 2009

You’ve heard us ask before: What do you imagine? People are still responding, many of them on postcars picked up at our recent annual meeting. If you’re reading this on line, you don’t have to wait to respond — just add your comments, either about these ideas or about your own. Let us know what you think, because we want to help build a future that is brighter for everyone!

What should never change?
The immense passion our community has to help and to give. – Megan Cottle
Continue the wonderful work! Thank you for the great event (annual meeting) and continued support of Liz Moore Low Vision Center at St. Vincent’s East. – Madelyn Jones
That we are and always have been known as the “Magic City” where things can and do happen. – Elna Brendel
I hope that no change should come to Birmingham about our locations and civic center, Boutwell Auditorium, Legion Field, and Rickwood, because I love Birmingham and hope everything will be wonderful. – Barnetta A. Eberhart
The feeling of community philanthropy and the encouragement for citizens to be involved.
The hospitable atmosphere.
CFGB!! And your focus on our environment.

Your wildest hope for our community?
That we can become a community that embraces innovative thinking and becomes a center for diversity of thought. – Megan Cottle
All vision-impaired community members can “see better.” – Madelyn Jones
I see a day when all of Jefferson County and its surrounding counties work together as one to promote and educate the community and the strengths of each area. I would love to see them all helping each other with fighting crime, improving education, ending drugs and promoting positive growth for all. – Elna Brendel
That the less fortunate continue to have good living facilities and to have good health care. – Barnetta A. Eberhart
To be a center of recycling and reuse to preserve the scarce resources we have. Safe dependable public transportation – monorail!
One Great City.
I wish Birmingham would become the leader in public transit again, like in the street car era. I wish for the crime rate to be reduced to one of the lowest in the nation and for Birmingham to be an innovator in real renewable energy like wind & solar, and to live with clean, sparkling waters and clear, breathable air.

For more great ideas from previous postcards and posts, go to the Imagine question on our blog.

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