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Parents can become great teachers

May 26, 2009

Not everyone knows exactly what to do to help their child succeed in school. But programs like the RUSH Initiative, supported with a number of grants over the years by the Community Foundation, help parents become the great teachers, the all important first teachers, that they want to be.

Take a look at this recent post by News editorial writer Joey Kennedy, who directs our attention to this grassroots effort to help children in the all important pre-school years.

As Kennedy points out, Alabama’s “First Class” program gets a top rating nationally for the way this state-supported pre-K program prepares students for school. The only trouble is that it serves such a small number of our state’s 4-year-olds.

The Community Foundation continues to push for a larger budget for high-quality, voluntary pre-school education avaliable for all children. At the same time, we make grants to support efforts like the RUSH Initiative, which approach the same issue in a different way.

Together, we can build a brighter future that includes children who are well prepared to seize the opportunities available when they begin their years of formal schooling.

You can see “Just Down the Road,” an exhibit of photographs featuring families who participate in the First Teachers@home program, through June 28 at Birmingham Civil Rights Institute.

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