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Green, eggs and ham — great start to the day

May 15, 2009

So it’s been a busy week in Lake Wobegon, er, Birmingham, starting with the 50th anniversary annual meeting of the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham. So many people, all kinds, sizes, ages, places – all celebrating the accomplishments of this public endowment and experiencing together 50 Ways to Love Our Community at the reception that followed.

Only 50 ways? A good question, since there was at least one more great way to love your community this morning on 20th Street in downtown Birmingham, where the Green Resource Center was serving up delicious wraps of Culinard-created spinach, eggs, cheese and ham, plus a giant sweet roll. It was easy to eat the sweet roll for “breakfast” and save the wrap for lunch, providing great food and a great way to support efforts to educate and inspire our community to think “green” in everything we do.

This was also Bike to Work Day, so it was fun to see folks dressed in bike attire and enjoying the breakfast break. It may rain all weekend, but this morning was bright and clear — and made clear one more time how many great things are going on in greater Birmingham. Things we love to do like ride bikes and eat good food, and things we can participate in with our love of doing more for others and for our environment.

Kudos to Green Resource Center and to Virginia College for their creative fundraising and attention-getting idea. Kudos and encouragement to all the cyclists who came to work on this day, even if they can’t do it every day. And good luck to all of us as we imagine and help to create a place where more of this happens, not just to give a great start to this day, but to every day.


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